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  • Seo Maker:

    It is 21.st century, ladies and gentlemen. It means the century of global information exchange. The century of internet.
    The world web is of the cheapest and the most efficient ways for providing of goods and services not only in your own but in others countries.
    The world web means millions of users, there are your potential partners and consumers, your customers and suppliers among them.
    It is our tusk, that you meet them as soon as possible.
      All you need to achieve that is:
    1. to create a site
    2. to register it in the world web
    3. to provide its service
    and the main tusk is to provide the site in the internet areas in order to prevent its loosing among billions and billions of other recourses
    We undertake all these problems.
    A well provided recourse is not only image of any company but it is a necessary link in the technology chain.
      To provide a site it is necessary to make the following operations:
    1. to register in the catalogs of searching machines
    2. to let everyday announcements on billboards and forums
    3. to visit special and trade places
    4. Just if you do that (and not only that) you can be sure, that a man who is looking for your wares will be your customer.
    • We are using just legal method and never allow:

    • Site participation in reference exchange systems (FFA)

    • Cloaking (when one pages for searching systems to robots are shown, but absolutely different pages are shown to users)

    • Creating of doorways

    • Presenting of invisible text on the site

    • Spum sending

    • Faking of counters and ratings

    The Internet is a living continually growing, very fast structure...
    Some recourses are coming (and there a lot of them), another disappear (unfortunately there are also these kind of recourses), change game rules, information format or subjects of the site. And one has to follow the hole dynamic, to react on it, an other way are the results of providing fade away very soon.
    It is never to late to start the site providing, if you never did it before. A continues, close, thorough work can reach a lot

    +7 910 380 38 34

    The world web is a multi language area. And if you site is addressed not only for you own country, it has surely to have a multi language support.
    Computer translations are purely efficient. They provide just a common sense vaguely.
      We also provide other services:
    1. Translation of technical documents (equipment catalogs, technical descriptions, manuals etc.)

    2. Special translators on branches: automotive, medicine, oil-and-gas industry, building, chemistry

    3. Translation and page-proofs of schemes, drawings in any format

    4. Translation of juridical, financional and banking documents

    5. Translation of passports, diplomas, certificates , licenses and other documents

    6. Notaries verification of documents

    7. Examination of translations, editing and correction of texts

    That’s why we create sites in 3 languages: German, English an Russian.
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